Saturday, December 19, 2009

why always wednesday?

god bless john milius & before him john severson. the john's knew... every great swell of size seems to show up on wednesday. its a really weird, consistent thing. can fritz coleman, dallas raines or the busty girl on nbc morning give me some meteorologic feedback?

all i know is that i hope we have a few more before the winter is over.
tyler hatzikian, hammerland - big wednesday - dec. 2009

allan c. weisbecker, still mad

i don't know why but it seems like all of us self proclaimed surf artists tip toe across a very thin line between completely self indulgent and certifiably mad. from timmy turner hiding out in the staff infested indo' bush to the meanderings of allan c. weisbecker - traveler, writer, mad man. at its core, surfing is a pretty selfish experience & yet certain artists have been able to convey their thoughts, feelings & ideas in a way that connect with the tribe. in the end, its all pretty primal. like the campfire stories passed down from our ancestors, modern surf media whether web based, broadcast, dvd or print form, tries to capture the essence of the experience and share it with others.

have you ever had a perfect session with no one out & wished you had just one friend around to share it with? i know i have and yet, i've had 100s of crowded sessions when i wished everyone would just go away. surfing is a weird thing that way. how do you share something special with your friends yet keep it all to yourself? just thinking about it is as painful on the brain as analyzing the space time continuum parodox of Terminator 2. if one thing exists, how can the other co-exist and vice-versa? headache coming on. weisbecker has been playing this role for a while and it seems he's found a new act. i'm not as jazzed on the creative as i am intrigued by the glimpse into an underground wanderer's mind. i will add, kudos to utilizing new technology in the cathartic effort to portray unique visual meanderings for the campfire.

Dazed and Confused from Nomad Productions on Vimeo.

Allan Weisbecker has written three books: Cosmic Banditos, In Search of Captain Zero, and Can't You Get Along With Anyone?. To buy the books, for more info and to sign up for his newsletter, go to

Thursday, December 17, 2009

the future of magazines?

i remember when i friend of mine told me about the concept of digital magazines about 10 years ago and i thought he was on crack. now it seems like it's only a matter of time for paper to disappear. i do love the tangible process of holding a mag or seeing it on my coffee table but i must say - this new prototype for a digital magazine looks amamzing.

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

nalu magazine interview

nalu magazine in japan recently interviewed me about living in the south bay of los angeles. there is an online version here but fyi - you must be able to read japanese!