Thursday, June 24, 2010

5d vs 7d

well, as my good friends know, my full 7d camera package got ripped off out of a TSA LOCKED pelican case traveling from LA to Georgia. why didn't i carry my gear on you ask? well, i thought i had faith in the system, and humanity, and those idiots at TSA. FYI shooters, airlines do not cover theft or damage of camera gear in checked baggage. the police also claim "no jurisdiction." so, carry on or make sure you have some form of insurance - i did neither and it blows. anyways, after shooting a spot with the talented danny moder, i decided to replace the 7d with a 5d. in looking at the dailies - the image just seems a bit tighter and well, i truly couldn't stomach having to replace my beloved 7d that had already treated me so well.

that said, i think i like the menu on the 7d better - and dare i say, sometimes, i even like the image better for action... less jell-o effect & love the slow mo - but alas, the 5d in certain scenarios is a crisper image and i love the full frame sensor. also, i recently edited some 1D mark iv footage and it looked beautiful as well, so, lotsa choices. some of the pre-stolen footage is in this montage of my work. see if you can spot what is 7d and what is 5d. happy shooting and travel safe.