Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the surfer's journal 20 years

jb films just finished up a really exciting project patagonia asked chris malloy and us to create. steve and debbee pezman are celebrating their 20th year of producing the perennial magazine documentation of the surfing lifestyle, "the surfer's journal."

c.m. and j.b. took the pacific surfliner from ventura to san clemente with patagonia founder, yvon chouinard, to document the magazine's history.

it was truly a joy to spend time with both yvon and the pezman family. patagonia was one of the first companies to advertise in the journal (who is a subscription based magazine with six select sponsors). yvon states that quality in any business is the key to survival and "the journal" is the best magazine out there. chouinard also offered, "if my house was burning down, my wife would grab the photos and i'd grab my collection of the surfer's journal."

we have to agree with the sage business leader and thank him for the inspiration.