Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bella Vita - North American Premiere

It's been an amazing week at the Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival.  We are so grateful for the amazing turn-out at both our screenings and all the positive feedback for the film.  Even the L.A. Times found our Arlington Theater marquee for the Calendar section.  I've also seen some awesome films and met some really inspired filmmakers.  Kudos to my new friends from Austria who made, "The Young, The Old & The Sea," for a job really well done.  Also, a big cheers to the "Queens & Cowboys" team who played to great reviews.  I also enjoyed the Japanese remake of "Unforgiven."  If you loved the Clint Eastwood original but have a soft spot for Kurosawa films like Yojimbo and RAN - this pic was epic-good-fun.

Here is a link to some moments from our big Arlington Theater Debut.
- click here - 

- I'll post some more photos soon.