Saturday, December 16, 2017


I've been spending a bit more time swimming with a stills camera.  The ocean has always been a draw and it feels so good to get out in the waves, swim with friends and make images.  I've had many people in the water ask me, where can I see this work?

For the most part, I'll be posting to @jasonbaffafilms on Instagram but I did start a new Surf Photo Gallery in my online store called, LOCALS ONLY.  This gallery is built so that I can post any great shots and let people buy something if they want it.  I hope the images are as inspiring to you as the process of capturing them is to me!   enjoy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jason Baffa Film's - Movie Posters & Fine Art Prints Buy @

I'm really excited to announce my new online store for our Official Movie Posters and access to a small selection of my favorite images from the last few years.  All of these are available as Fine Art Prints and will be created on-demand for you per your exact specs.  Metal&Paper Pro is my gallery certified print house and frame shop.  It gives you all the power, from choosing size, to media type (matte photo, color glossy, canvas, metal, etc) and you can also add a matte and frame if you like.

I know it's hard to order artwork online, I've tried it before with frustration but I was really impressed with my art-storefronts partner and their easy to use ordering platform.  This was a bit of a scary investment on my part to utilize their service and integrate it with my existing website but I really wanted to offer these items to the public.  Hopefully I made the right choice and people inspired by the movies we've made and the friends I've traveled with can enjoy their very own custom image at home - or better yet - gift a friend something special!

Please give it a look at  and feel free to hit me up with any questions.

You can always follow me on instagram via @jasonbaffafilms /  feel free to tag any images you'd like to see available for sale if they aren't already offer.  As always, thank you for the support of my creative endeavors.  cheers.
- baff