Tuesday, March 27, 2012

curren- so smooth

if you grew up surfing in the last 25yrs, it's hard to deny the influence on all of us via tom curren.  i believe it was lance carson, who stated, "good power surfing will never get old."

as we see the new guard blazing an acrobatic approach to the world tour, i still believe the above quote nails good surfing.  yes, the new school is more wide-open, higher above the lip and arguably more creative as to what-can-be-done on a wave but the good ones start with a foundation of solid power surfing.  phil edwards, billy hamilton, buttons, tom carrol, occy, tyler hatzikian, kelly slater, andy irons, joel parkinson- all great stylish surfers who begin with a foundation of smooth power-surfing and who can deny, perhaps the smoothest, tom curren.  enjoy

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rent or Buy One Cal Day digital download

here's any easy way to take One California Day everywhere you go!  amazon.com offers 7 day rental or the purchase of the film - all in the digital download format.  there's probably even a way to gift this download to a friend - although i'm not smart enough to figure that out.

thank you for watching!

click here for amazon.com link to download the film.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the spirit of aloha

i've been on a bit of a break in hawaii - during our recent trip - my son, Jones George Baffa decided to grace us with his presence about 8 weeks early.  not exactly how i expected to spend my time in hawaii.  the entire staff at kapiolani medical center has been unbelievable, my wife linda and i can't thank them enough for their kind support.  i am so proud of linda's strength in what have not been ideal times and i am so incredibly thankful to all the wonderful family, friends and friends of friends who've offered their kind support and true aloha.  aloha is a word that gets thrown around a lot in hawaii these days but let me tell you, true aloha is a wonderful thing.  we feel so blessed for the support and JGB is doing great.  we hope to take him home soon.  although i will miss waikiki sessions on the 11-footer!
mahalo nui.  - jb

Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Beach screens at SxSW

thanks to all who made it out to the One Beach screening at South by South West.  So bummed i couldn't be there but i'm sure barefoot wine & bubbly put on a fun party.  now let's keep those beaches clean!

for an article from Austin Culture Map  about the event click here.

local catch

i was cruising around the n. shore with chris malloy when he spotted this kid pulling a cooler out of his dad's rusty old pick up in front of the haleiwa fish & tackle store.  turns out they had stopped by to weigh in their day's catch for a local fishing contest going on right now.  i was pretty blown away by the color on this guy.  sashimi anyone?