Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Epic Waikiki

This is some of the coolest archival footage i've ever seen of Waikiki sliders

Thursday, May 16, 2013

If it was easy...

On the heels of successfully funding our kickstarter campaign to bring in some dollars to support post-production-finishing for my new film, Bella Vita - I sit in an edit bay feeling great gratitude towards all who stepped up and pitched in to make our goal a reality.

Flashback 60days, I was burning the mid-night oil organizing footage for my editor, my finances running tight, another 18 hour work-day on the film and I had just passed on another "paid" work-opportunity so I could keep complete focus on Bella Vita.  My wife reminded me that my 1yr old son misses his dad and went to bed.  Stewing in the bluish pale light of my computer monitor, I rang a good friend feeling a bit defeated about the whole endeavor but got his voice mail.  I'm sure I spewed some half baked tequila-logic inspired rant about creativity, capitalism and a need to surf warm water.  His reply came back via text.
It said:

7 years ago, while we were struggling through the build-out of our new bar, you told me, "if it was easy everyone would do it - and if everyone did it, it would be lame"
baffa, making a film is not lame.  you rock on!

I love it when my friends remember things I say worth remembering and remind me, since I tend to forget as soon the insight leaves my mouth.  

I guess, He and "I", were right.  Often, we need to be reminded that things worth doing take some effort and moreover, sometimes they take extraordinary effort.  Perhaps the struggle is part of the journey that attracts me to these projects.  They never seem easy at the time but when the lights in the theatre dim and picture goes up- it is so extremely rewarding.

The kickstarter supporters have just made things a bit easier to rally some support to help me bring this adventure home.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support towards our effort to make Bella Vita great.  I thank you again.

For those interested, there are still some rewards available for the next 24 or-so hours.  cheers. jb