Sunday, December 16, 2012

Edition29 Interview

i was really jazzed to be included in the Edition29 "return of the surfer 001" iPad issue.  this is a whole new world of media for me - audio interviews with photos, music, videos and enlightening content - all beautifully art-directed and packaged for your iPad absorbing enjoyment.  if you admire good aesthetics or a simple dose of surf stoke - download today - profiles include mollusk surf shop, julie goldstein's killer wood-block prints and my friend, italian photographer filippo maffei - as well as yours truly yammering for 5 minutes after way too much italian espresso, luckily they edit the raw audio files  - fun stuff.  they even got me to talk about our new project, BELLA VITA.

thanks to sean o'brien and jeff johnson for some "behind the scenes" photos.