Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Staying Creative

I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion - low and behold, some of my older design programs no longer work.  frustrating, yes - but probably fair as well, you see, these are programs that may have been "gifted" to me years ago, perhaps from a friend at an ad agency or production company, someone generous who wanted to see me flourish as a young artist and granted the oh-so-important key codes and serial numbers.  turns out the modern era of technology frowns upon this type of sharing.  dare i say, some might even call it, shhhhhhhh- "stealing"

well, my parents would surely be upset if they found out i was stealing things, so i have been looking into a new Adobe service called "creative cloud."  any designer out there reading this would know that the new adobe creative suite runs about $2K all-in.  the new creative cloud is a pretty unique alternative.  it allows anyone to download any or all of the adobe "apps" and pay for them on a monthly basis at a monthly fee (from $29-$50 USD).  thus, minimizing your out-of-pocket-start-up costs, a blessing to any young designer or filmmaker and also, creating a work-platform that can constantly be updated by adobe.  gone are the days, of upgrading this or needing to download that - once you sign up for the "app" adobe will present you the newest, coolest version of the program and continue to update it for you.  they are offering trials now- i'm in the process of checking it out.  so don't take this as a recommendation, just a heads-up.  happy designing.