Monday, November 17, 2014

Presenting ZioBaffa Filmmaker Edition Wines!

I am honored and ecstatic to announce a new collaboration endeavor with the Castellani Winemaking Family called, ZioBaffa.

These bio-dynamically produced, 100% organic Italian wines are the brain child of Piergiorgio Castellani.  The first two (a Toscana Red and Pinot Grigio) are "The Filmmaker Edition Wines" and inspired by my experiences with Piergiorgio and Chris Del Moro making our new film, BELLA VITA.  We put a lot of effort into creating something good, affordable and moreover eco-friendly.

100% of energy used in manufacturing is from renewable resources and NDV certified with a "zero waste" program, recycling all possible waste and purifying polluted water.

Our ZIOBAFFA bottles utilize recycled glass in their creation.

100% of the paper  we use for our label is FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) certified and is produced from raw material obtained through sustainable farming practices.  The labels are printed with non-toxic ink and affixed using bio-friendly, non-toxic glue.

We are also introducing the new & revolutionary HELIX™ cork closure, which is a bio-friendly re-usable seal.  We consider this seal  more elegant and effective than aluminum screw caps.  Cork production preserves bio-diversity and is generally regarded as a highly sustainable crop due to the fact that the entire cork tree is not harvested; merely its bark. The tree continues to live and grow.

Chris drew a limited-edition label representing our surf adventures in the Mediterranean Sea on FSC certified paper and the glue is non-toxic.

You can learn more about this exciting project via the video below or please visit us at

The wines will be in available in the United States in the coming weeks.  A big thanks to the team at Sage Beverages and Young's Market for their hard work on distribution.

My favorite things in life are sharing movies, surfing and good food with drink amongst family & friends.  This new adventure really ties all of my passions together and I'm tremendously excited to share it with you!